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After a long silence, T.Raumschmiere reloads his mighty Shitkatapult for another strike.

The title of this 6 track album „Schaukelstuhl‟, immediately conjures images of tranquilty, moving back and forward ad infinitum, slowly nodding off to sleep with a book, tea at the ready.

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LUNIK is Frank Bretschneider's first full-length since 2015's Sinn + Form. He says it's influenced by "San Francisco psychedelia, some London underground, some Berlin school (old & new)," as well as "Krautrock from Cologne and New York minimalism." The 11-track album is accompanied by Plastik / Mechanik, an EP featuring two cuts off the album.

It moves, it sings. ...but does it swing? Anyway, it represents the soundtrack of his life, his musical infuences: some San Francisco psychedelia, some London underground, some Berlin school (old & new). Krautrock from Cologne & New York minimalism. A shot of Detroit grit, a bit of Moscow dust, a splash of Paris charm? Who knows.

After the huge success of Shitkatapult's 1st season of "Watching Music", we decided to do a 2nd season with more action, special guest appearances and a surprising plot! Tune in to our new prime-time spot: Sundays at 16:30 (CET)

Watch here: Season 2 Episode 1

The Orb + Fenin / Bus - EP

Exclusive track by The Orb - Suspected Hippies In Transit written and produced by Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann at Lab, Berlin 2017
Exclusive mixed track: Fenin + Bus (w Dabrye) - Adeto + What is Paris? - mixed together by Alex Paterson, at Lab, Berlin 2017

After the huge success of Shitkatapult's first season of "Watching Music", the label decided to do a second season with more action, more guests and a surprising plot! Just to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shitkatapult! And such is the intent of this compilation: a DJ mix or, better yet, a radio mix or radio show.

At last! We present you the Premiere of our visual art series "Watching Music" - Episode 1.

Watch here: Episode 1

Featuring music mixed by: The Orb.