Dear Santa Claudia and Santa Claus

We would like to offer you a special deal which includes some of our real big releases of our wonderful artists. 
Please choose your formate (Vinly or CD)!
Check it out ;)

SHIT VINYL (6 +1 Vinyl = 36 Euro)
1. T.Raumschmiere - Zartbitter 
    12“ Kick off by marco´s second Ep Zartbitter.

2. V/A - Strike100 
    3xLP vinyl compilation for our 100th release including the Orb, Apparat Remix of Johnny Cash, Pluramon and many more.
3. Sami Koivikko - Kut Pulatin Pt. 1
    12" Killer Club by Sami.

4. Fenin - Lighthouse 
    2xLP by Lars Fenin, dub techno at its best.

5. Shrubbn!! - Europa 
    LP Latest album by Shrubbn! We love it.

6. Das Bierbeben - Im Kreis 
    12“ Das Bierbeben remixed by Cristian Vogel (must have).

7. 1x SURPRISE Vinyl

SHIT CD (6 +1 CDs = 36 Euro)

1. Cristian Vogel - The Inertials  
    Part 1 of our Cristian Vogel triptychon, dark shining electronic music from the top of the hill.
2. T.Raumschmiere - Random Noize Sessions
    Marco´s outstanding collection of ambient musick sessions.
3. Sun Electric - Lost & Found 
    Pioneers of electronic music on Shitkatapult.

4. Judith Juillerat - Soliloquy 
    Wonderful album from the early days but Judith Juillerat and recently picked by the Orb for our 20 years comp.
5. Sid Le Rock - Tout Va Bien 
    Forever young canadian prodcuer is doing just fine.
6. Oval - DNA - Cd, Dvd, Software (you need to email us) 
    by Markus Popp, top 3 glitch world music.