Various Artists
The Orb Chronicles (20 years of Shitkatapult)

The Orb Chronicles (20 years of Shitkatapult)


1. Fenin / Bus (w/ Dabrye) - Adeto / What Is Paris?
2. Phon.o - Verborg nie die 6
3. Sami Koivikko - Erisana
4. Cristian Vogel - Telemorphosis
5. The Sorry Entertainers - The Only Thing I Know
6. Judith Juillerat - Vol-au-vent
7. Khan of Finland - H&M Freedom
8. Cristian Vogel - Barefoot Agnete
9. T.Raumschmiere - Nuclear Bedtime Stories
10. Shrubbn!! - Drunen
11. Frank Bretschneider - Subharchorded Waves
12. Boxtype - Spin
13. Oval - Kasino
14. Sun Electric / MM Studio - Toninas (Villalobos rmx) / One Dub
15. Soul Center - Pig Peg
16. Apparat - Not A Number
17. Tom Thiel - Laissez Faire
18. Shrubbn!! - Echos (The Orb rmx)

Orbologists Dr. Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are in their lab putting together a massive sound worm by hand for the anniversary of Berlin’s elite training ground, SHITKATAPULT. A lot will be sorely missed, but there’s no other way it could be done!

A comprehensive overview of works spanning 20 years of label history, from the heyday of electronic mu- sic to its established con ation – beyond all recognition – in 2017, would not really be a mix as such. And such is the intent of this compilation: a DJ mix or, better yet, a radio mix or radio show. As they often did, THE ORB liked to operate right at the convolutions and interfaces between work and quote, between inter- pretation and punctuation. That’s exactly what we have here – a ne, easy hour of music from the Orbital of Shitkatapult - The Orb Chronicles (20 Years Shitkatapult).

Featuring (in mix order):
Hamburger dub specialist Fenin opens the show with a darkly ambient hall “Adeto” (from Fenin - Mixes and Maxis - Strike 117) and is immediately layered through with “What is Paris?” by Bus w/ Dabrye (from Bus - Eagles - Strike 146). Both tracks blend together like a cut-up for adults into a single track, which also appears on the B-side of the maxi single released at the same time (The Orb - Suspected Hippies in Transit - Strike 165).

Next up, familiar spirits Phon.o (from his album “Burn Down the Town” - Strike 64) with “Verborg nie die 6” and wayward Finn Sami Koivikko (“Erisana” by Sami Koivikko - Kut Pulatin Pt.3 - Strike 28) deliver the most important building blocks of the minimal/tech house side of the label, coming from Cristian Vogel’s Telemorphosis from the exiled UK artist’s latest album, The Assistenz - Strike 160.

Followed and once again interrupted by Cristian Vogel, from the songs and more section with the Sorry Entertainers, Judith Juillerat, Khan of Finland und T.Raumschmiere (The Sorry Entertainers - The Only Thing I Know from “Local Jet Set” - Strike 129, Judith Juillerat - Vol-Ou-Vent from “Soliloquy” - Strike 67, Khan of Finland - H&M Freedom from “Nicht nur Sex” - Strike 162, Cristian Vogel - Barefoot Agnete from The Assistenz, T.Raumschmiere ft Lilian Hak - Nuclear Bedtime Stories from “I Tank U” - Strike 96).

A gloomy lightness takes hold and seeps into the depths with Ulli Bomans and Marco Haas aka Shrubbn!! and the track Drunen from their latest, vastly underrated album “Europa” (Strike 161), and mis ts like Frank Bretschneider (Subharchorded Waves from “Komet”, Strike 124), Boxtype (Spin from “Spark ight”
- Strike 29), Oval (Kasino from “OvalDNA” - Strike 134), Sun Electric - Ricardo Villalobos remix and MM Studio counter cut - aka Toninas (Strike 85)/One Dub, culminating in Thomas Brinkmann’s Soul Center House Sache Pig Peg from the album “General Eclectics” - Strike 118.

THE ORB are killing it and make for the exit of part 1 with Apparat - Not A Number (“Walls” - Strike 84), Tom Thiel’s “Laissez Faire” (Strike 125), wrapping things up with the deeper Orb mix of Shrubbn’s “Echos” - Strike 130.