After a long silence, T.Raumschmiere reloads his mighty Shitkatapult for another strike.

The title of this 6 track album „Schaukelstuhl‟, immediately conjures images of tranquilty, moving back and forward ad infinitum, slowly nodding off to sleep with a book, tea at the ready.

„Schaukelstuhl‟ translated into english means „rocking chair‟ or just „rocker‟, an appropriate double endendre, as buried below the album’s dreamy haze, the echoes of T.Raumschmiere’s previous dance floor pyrotechnics still bubble to the surface. This is most clearly evident with album highlights Erich and Isidora. Both are catchy, with an unmistakable underlying TR bounce, certain to move feet, asses and rocking chairs with assured ease. Though the album was completed in 2019, it’s release during these strangest of times feels entirely fitting, providing a perfect soundtrack for quiet reflection or isolationists living room dance parties. Refill the tea, grab another long forgotten favorite novel off the shelf, head out to the porch, and keep on rocking.