"Watching Music" SEASON 1

At last! We present you the Premiere of our visual art series "Watching Music" - Episode 1.

Watch here: Episode 1

Featuring music mixed by: The Orb.
Taken from: 20 Years of Shitkatapult / The Orb Chronicles, which contains songs by our all-star cast of past & present artists - T.Raumschmiere, Apparat, Judith Juillerat, Cristian Vogel, Khan Of Finland, Sun Electric / Ricardo Villalobos, OVAL (Official), Frank Bretschneider and many more.

CD available now for pre-order. Also 12" vinyl release with an exclusive track by: The Orb & Fenin / Bus. Official release date: November 24th / pre-order links below.


Stay tuned next Tuesday for Episode 2.

Enjoy the sights & sounds,
Shitkatapult gang.


Welcome back to "Watching Music". Here's Episode 2 of this series. Enjoy!

Watch here: Episode 2

Music taken from: The Orb Chronicles (20 Years of Shitkatapult)
Available now for pre-order.


In our last episode, Daniel replies to 10 emails at a record speed of 54 seconds. Wolle fixes a nasty paper jam, while Manu saves the day by putting out a few stress fires. Yep! it's just another normal office day at Shitkatapult HQ. Let's see what happens next for our dynamic trio.

Now here's the continuation of "WATCHING MUSIC" - Episode 3.

Watche here: Episode 3

Background sounds provided by: The Orb Chronicles (20 Years of Shitkatapult) feat. music by: OVAL (Official), Sun Electric / Ricardo Villalobos, Soul Center, Boxtype, Apparat, Tom Thiel, SHRUBBN!! & more.

Available for pre-order: Shopkatapult - www.shopkatapult.com
Bandcamp - www.shitkatapult.bandcamp.com/the-orb-chronicles-20-years-of-shitkatapult