Drone, noise and musique concrète are points of reference that clearly come through in Dat Politics' electronic songs to this day and are also closely related to pop music. Their new album ‘NO VOID is now being released on SHITKATAPULT, whose label slogan ‘Special Musick for Special People' fits perfectly to the often euphorically rocking music of the French duo.

hurray!! DAT POLITICS on Shitkatapult!!

Free track and a new video by Dat Politics.
Excerpt from the new album NO VOID.

Watch Video "Reptiloid" HERE

Download free track "Reptiloid" HERE

LIGHTHOUSE is the fifth full-length work of Hamburg exile and Berlin-based SHITKATAPULT resident Lars FENIN - a very sensual contemplation of the dance floor as a stop along his journey through the wonderful depths of the dub world. After his previous releases, which lived somewhere between songs, dub and electronica, he has finally come again with another true dub techno album.

A wicked update of Candie Hank’s milestone Demons – the output of this man is simply too vast for a full-length album to do it justice.
So, Shitkatapult decided to release these five tracks as a "bonus" to his famous album "Demons".

Our Artist is super excited about the new CANDIE HANK video done by Angie Reed! ELEVATOR LIFE - a classy, flashy funride with elements of Cartoon and psychedelic. Perfect match!

Prairie - Like A Pack Of Hounds

Although often discribed as ambient music PRAIRIE is more likely a dark musical trip through veins of post-post rock ideas: 

Cristian Vogel / Polyphonic Beings