Cristian Vogel
Polyphonic Beings


Cristian Vogel / Polyphonic Beings

Shitkatapult proudly presents the follow up to "The Inertials" entitled "Polyphonic Beings" - a true masterpiece in the inimitable Vogel style, as his fans will no doubt agree. An eerie and unbelievable sound, with all as it should be: every reverb tail, every movement of the fader, every composed note takes you piece by piece into Vogel's own cosmos.

By the way, Cristian Vogel is raising funds to cover the costs of restoring and re-mastering a major part of his back catalogue of electronic music dating from 1992-2006, some 80-100 tracks. As well as the classic albums, he also hope to transfer the best surviving material from personal tape archive dating back to 1992.

It all needs professional restoration and re-mastering. If you feel this music is important to you too, then please consider supporting his project!

Remasters Project 2015


Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 21:00
Roter Salon - Volksb├╝hne / Berlin / DE