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JERRY ABSTRACT was born, raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan where he began his night life activities including that of becoming an influential disc jockey. At the age of fourteen he started going to clubs and concerts in and around Detroit, that's about when he stumbled onto those famous secret underground parties that would last all hours of the night, hidden deep within the wreckage of randomly occupied buildings like 1315, 1515, 1217, The Packard Plant, The Red Door, The Bankel Building and so on. As time progressed and Techno started hitting the night clubs, Jerry decided that he wanted to become more involved in the movement and realized that DJing was a perfect way to get started. He figured that DJing was an artistic way to communicate with both the music industry and "the people", plus it also justified his vinyl collecting addiction thatstarted for him during his skateboarding/punk rock days. After purchasing his first set of Technics he immediately started performing at local coffeehouses such as Zoot's; playing early IDM and ambient cuts. As his mixing skills progressed he began to play more underground events and night clubs such as The Motor Lounge, The Shelter, Velvet Lounge, etc.; mixing more upbeat music including Techno, House, Electro and Jungle. At the same time meeting more and more significant musicians, promoters and friends. Jerry considers himself to be fortunate to befriend and DJ with some of the greatest artists known today.

In late 1999 Jerry Abstract moved to Seattle where his DJing and music production has grown to the professional level. Starting off his northwest DJ adventures with a residency at the now deceased Groovetech, Jerry quickly became in demand to perform at local clubs and events like Decibel, Bumpershoot and The Phoenix Festivals. He also became actively involved with consulting, designing, managing and promoting various parties and weeklies like the famous Robo.trash.
During the summer of 2004 Jerry occupied his time exploring Berlin and performing gigs at places like Tresor. All the while continuing his musical explorations and creating tracks for the Berlin-based label Shitkatapult, before returning to Seattle in the fall where one of his current duties is being the Creative Director for Decibel. Mr. Abstract also spends his time wisely performing at gigs like the DEMF, WMF and clubs across the states while continuing to consult other promoters, judge laptop battles and of course create music for electronic music labels like Shitkatapult (Berlin), Semisexual (UK), Detroit Underground (USA) and Fourthcity (Seattle).

Jerry Abstract also records under the monikers of Ian Ginsing and Former Selv. The name Jerry Abstract was given to him in the fourth grade because of his fascination with the paranormal. Ian Ginsing derives from the fact the his mother wanted Jerry's first name originally to be Ian, while the Ginsing name comes from the kind of herbal tea that he enjoys from time to time. Jerry Abstract has self-released over 30 DJ mixes and has recently completed a DJ megamix for the Detroit Underground label.

Current homebase:

Major musical influences:
Logic Probe, Bruno Pronsato, T. Raumschmiere, Apparat, Autechre, Polygon Window, Richard Devine, Lustmord, Thomas Koner, Wishmountain, Richie Hawtin, Bola, Audion, Surgeon, The Advent, Alter Ego, Global Communications, The Misfits, Pailhead, Slowdive, Tujiko Noriko, Lusine.

Other influences:
Tibetan environments, weather, trees, cascadia, Detroit during 1991-1995,
the paranormal, the cosmos, Japan, visual art.

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