Various Artists
Musick To Play In The Club

Musick To Play In The Club

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  1. Drugbeat - Kill Yourself on the Dancefloor Tonight
  2. Jerry Abstract - Mudtsmut
  3. Quasimodo Jones - Love Commando Tomas Andersson Loft Remix
  4. DJ Flush - Baila Redux
  5. Elastic Heads - Kickin!
  6. Peter Grummich - Breathe
  7. Das Bierbeben - Staub rmx
  8. Magnum38 - Alligator
  9. Scapegoat - Anticipate
  10. T.Raumschmiere vs Motor - Krank im Hirn
  11. Fenin - Batteria
  12. Holz - Glut


Musick to play in the club – a claim which concisely describes to anyone literate what it’s all about: sick stuff for the dancing crowd. This CD collects the highlights of the first 11 releases of the shitkatapult sub label MUSICK such as the Robag Wruhme remix of “Staub” by Das Bierbeben, the massive electro burner “Alligator” by Magnum 38 or the deep acid track “Breathe” by Peter Grummich.
Some big names like Motor from Novamute, Peter Grummich from Spectral, Kompakt etc., Robag Wruhme from Krause Musik, Tomas Andersson from BPitch or the shitkatapult anti boss T.raumschmiere should increase public interest, but they certainly are not the only big arguments here: Hysterical hymns, dirty burners and heavy floor fillers – this compilation features everything the label stands for!

Additionally to the single tracks there is a mp3 dj mix by the shitkatapult/musick homie DJ Flush on the CD to please the Ipod generation. Listen to it on your monster pa while riding to the club or put it on when there are no good djs around at your party. When people start going crazy you know what MUSICK is about.