Jerry Abstract


strike070 = musick008


Like no other Jerry Abstract knows how to combine funk with dirty techno and give names to his oeuvres that nobody understands. At least that’s what it seems like on this ep!

„Recoyl“ drags along with an absurd shuffle beat. Add a silly low bit melody and ready is the first „funny train“ track for the dancefloor!

Even here at shitkatapult nobody knows what „Krahnk“ is supposed to say. Anyway the music plays around with small bits and and pieces of a vocal sample and is complemented with a heavy bassline that can be well compared to the old school no future sound. Athough the general atmosphere of the track is much more relaxed and far less aggressive.

The title track „Mudtsmut“ is definitely the hit of this ep and will in any case rock many floors! It gnarzes like a goofy version of a t.raumschmiere song from the old days.

„Boxiqu“ is a percussive killer with drumsounds dry as hell, vocals cut in pieces and short intense use of trippy effects. Could come from Green Velvet in his most extreme times. But it but doesn’t.

The right ep for the silly times of any dirty dancefloor!



01. Recoyl
02. Krahnk
03. Mudtsmut
04. Boxiqu