Various Artists


strike055 = musick004



  1. Uese - Miniguzz
  2. Jerry Abstract - Drvnk
  3. Elastic Heads - Horst 01
  4. DJ Flush - From Reggae to Hell


Glorious yet pious followers of gnarz-techno and bratz-shuffle find their home in two grooves on the black label 'Musick', divided into an A and B side.

Since following blindly is a game of dark forces, this vinyl release remains black and dour in mood in the sense of: whoever laughs first loses.  It's a game with talkative, miniscule breaks that are perfect for a party called 'voyage to Jerusalem' in a mosh-pit of globalized black zones.  Uese from Zuerich blows into a shadowy bratzen-horn.  Seattle's Jerry Abstract does a house-kufen scraping into black metal.  The Berliner perma-smilies Elastic Heads hum to a tune of sobering up in an electro rubber cage.  Capitol city's Flush, a cool dj dude from Berlin, throws on the light-dimming turbine for the purpose of hygene, so he says.