Warren Suicide
What Did You Do?!

What Did You Do?!


1. Land Of The Free - Shrubbn!! Rmx
2. Knock Knock - Khan Rmx
3. What Did We Do?! - Steve Morell Rmx
4. What Did We Do?!

WHAT DID YOU DO?! presents WARREN SUICIDE in the hands of friends. 3 glamrock/tekkkno/house-remixes showcase the dark side of a master plan.
A generous SHITKATAPULT offer to dance, party and/or die.

LAND OF THE FREE appears as a remix by marco T.RAUMSCHMIERE haas and ulli SCHIERES bomans aka SHRUBBN!! A straight down techno mix from the main floor. SHRUBBN!! recently released several 12" on SHITKATAPULT┬┤s MUSICK club label imprint and played several burning shows. Musick on fire.

KNOCK KNOCK might seem a bit strange on SHITKATAPULT as its a crystal clear disco house remix by the one and only KHAN. Well, not our problem. For us it is a great pleasure to listen to moving bodies on kinky floors. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING on main street.

WHAT DID WE DO? is another great track from the original WARREN SUICIDE album REQUIEM FOR A MISSING LINK that fills the flip side. Knocking
electronic rock songwriting from heaven!

b1 features WHAT DID WE DO? as remix by steve morrell┬┤s SCANDALS. A never resting irresistible fuck off insane berlin crew from the dirts of the now.