1. I'm So Trill
2. Party Hardy
3. Sexual Eruption (interlude)
4. Dip Shorty
5. Club Thang
6. Putcha Handz Up
7. Double G (interlude)
8. Spaceballs
9. Superconfidential
10. Rockin' Wiz Us
11. Flash Bakk
12. That Girl (interlude)
13. Insatiable
14. Homecourt
15. Bang Out (interlude)

Full throttle for the sophisticated
It's getting serious folks – you’ll have trouble leaving the dance floor when the DJ drops the seriously catchy “Party Hardy”. This track with vocals from Yo Majesty sums up the spirit of  “Supercontinental” Chris de Luca and Phon.o’s first release under the moniker, CLP.

Transatlantic traditions
Asked why he liked the synthetic sounds of Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa - the godfather of electro and hip hop - once said that he appreciated the sublime funk of the Germans. Rising from Berlin’s underground, CLP are forging their own definition of funk. CLP is the new project of Berlin musicians, producers and DJs Chris de Luca and Phon.o, who have thrown together old-school hip hop, dirty south synth-sounds, early Miami-bass and crunk. CLP sent their instrumental-tracks to talented and – with some exceptions – mostly unknown rappers in the US and South Africa. The results are an explosive mixture of various styles – from dirty techno to ghetto beats, featured under the title “Supercontinental”.

Chris de Luca and Michael Fakesch gained international recognition in the nineties as Funkstörung, most notably remixing the likes of Björk and the Wu Tang Clan but went their separate ways in 2006. Phon.o’s DJ’ing speciality is mixing techno with sped up hip hop instrumentals and in Berlin he’s one of the few DJs that play ghetto-tech, Miami-bass and crunk. In spring 2006 De Luca and Phon.o joined forces and after rocking a warehouse party (supported by DJ Godfather) in a Detroit neighbourhood, their fate was sealed. Under the name CLP, de Luca and Phon.o now bring together the best of both worlds: their stoic braveness in experimenting with strange new sounds and a new fondness for ass-kicking explicit pop songs.

Myspace is my cast(le)
On old drum machines the code CLP meant “Claps“. When the Sugarhill Gang switched the snare drum on “Rappers Delight“ to handclaps they turned things around, creating on vinyl the sense of a party crowd clapping the beat for the rapper. CLP borrowed this old block party idea and the philosophy of letting anyone who’s got skills get on the mic. There’s only one problem: there aren’t so many block parties going on in Berlin and a lot of Berlin rappers are too caught up in gangsta-wannabe posturing. So CLP looked elsewhere, using Myspace to find talented MC’s in other parts of the world. The project flourished with an exchange of ideas, beats and vocals making their way back and forth across the Atlantic.

Kovas (Track 4, 14)
With Latin-Moroccan heritage, Brooklyn producer and remixer Kovas has dubbed his style: “Ghetto Beat”. He’s made a name for himself remixing the likes of Lil’Mama, Justin Timberlake, Lady Sovereign and De La Soul.

Mochipet & Hustle Heads (Track5)
As a producer Mochipet likes to experiment with glitch-sounds, breakcore, Miami bass and hip house. He invited MCs Hustle Heads to rap on a track which was released on his album “Microphonepet”. CLP were asked to do a remix and they liked it so much that they also wanted to have it on their own album.

Rayzaflo (Track 6, 11)
This 16 year old MC from Mississippi has got skills. And while Rayzaflo knows how to get the party started, she’s also on the conscious tip.
Spoek, Damaged Good$ & Cerebral Vortex (Track 8)
Spoek’s been writing songs since he was 10. And with so many ideas and projects going on, he puts the rest of us to shame! Originally from South Africa, he’s now based in Sweden and is shaking up dance floors all over Europe.  Under the name Playdoe he puts out what he calls: "Neoelectro Afrobotic Ethnotechno".

Tunde Olaniran (Track 1, 9)
Born to a socialist-activist American mother and Christian Nigerian immigrant father, Olaniran lived in Germany, Nigeria, and England before settling in Michigan. Citing Prince, Outkast / Andre 3000 and the Neptunes as influences, Olaniran skillfully mixes minimalistic funk (including Casio and 808 sounds) with sassy lyrics and solid vocals. He’s also the singer of Taste This!

Yo Majesty (Track 2)
Moving beyond the territory carved by JJ. Fad, Salt-N-Pepa and Missy Elliott, this hip hop crew from Tampa, Florida could be the all-female answer to the groundbreaking, explicit 2 Live Crew. They signed with Domino Records in 2007 and were listed in NME’s ‘Top 11 new bands of 2008’.

Zion I & Data MC (Track 10)
Hailing from Oakland, California, Zion I consist of producer DJ AmpLive and Zumbi (MC).
The have earned a lot of respect in the hip hop underground through their political lyrics and futuristic sounds.

After playing as “Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o”, they’ve abandoned the “vs” and now under the moniker CLP have put together what belongs together. It’s time to get ready for some intergalactic hip hop, ghetto beats, sexy booty IDM and dirty techno.

CLP Live come with a special synced video show based on Max/MSP/Jitter software programmed by Daniel Berwanger.