As Funkstörung, Chris de Luca and partner Michael Fakesch released an uncountable amount of records on !K7, Compost Records, Musik aus Strom, Acid Planet and many more. Especially their remixes for Björk, Wu-Tang Clan, Speedy J and Plaid attracted worldwide attention. In 2002, de Luca intensely lived out his love for hip hop with friend Peabird on his first solo albumDeadly Wiz Da Disko. The result: body rock for robots! This unique mix of old school hip hop and cut-up beats can confidently be called groundbreaking for the genre. Right on time for Funkstörung’s 10th anniversary in 2005 the album Return To The Acid Planet was released. It shall be their last. In 2005, de Luca moved to Berlin and in the spring of 2006, Funkstörung split up. 
At the end of the last millennium, East German buddies Carsten and Sascha went out into the big wide world – to Berlin. Sascha became Apparat, Carsten turned into Phon.o. Since then, Phon.o released a number of 12 inches, EPs and two albums on labels such as Cytrax, Detroit Underground, Normoton, Tigerbeat6 and T.Raumschmiere’s Shitkatapult. His last album Burn Down The Town, released in 2005 on Shitkatapult, is a firework of techno, booty hip hop and eurocrunk. It made vocalists such as Kevin Blechdom, Gold Chains and Detroit MC Stadik fight over the mic. 

The first time. 
The two met in 2004, when Phon.o was support act for Funkstörungs Disconnected -Tour. They liked each other so much that without further ado Phon.o was let loose on the masses again at Funkstörungs Isolated Triple Media release party. Craziness galore on the dancefloor! 

The next date. 
For the release of his last album, Phon.o then invited de Luca to fool around with his singleTrick Or Treat and strike back with a remix. De Luca was bubbling over with ideas and it was only a matter of time before the two would team up. 

Do it again, Phon.o. 
After the sudden breakup of Funkstörung, there were still a couple of confirmed Funkstörung gigs left to play. De Luca didn’t hesitate and asked Phon.o to fill in for Michael Fakesch. He was shocked. It was the first time he felt this kind of chemistry with a partner on stage! The infected fans felt the same way. Press play! 

De Luca and Phon.o joined forces in the spring of 2006. Since then, they’ve been rocking clubs and festivals all over Europe with their ass-kicking sets as Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o. This unconventional combination of intergalactic hip hop, ghetto beats, sexy booty IDM and dirty techno goes beyond typical contemporary genre boundaries. Berlin, there is new shit in town and it doesn’t stink! 

Versus - Monkey Business.
Soon after, the two guys locked themselves in a studio and worked like crazy apes on new tracks for their collaborative album calledSupercontinental, to be released on October 31, 2008 on the label Shitkatapult. Some outstanding MCs simply couldn't resist their monkey charm and joined the pack, namely: Yo Majesty, the freshest new signing on Domino Records, Zion I, Data MC, Tunde Olaniran, the South African Spoek, Cerebral Vortex, Damaged Good$, Kovas, White Gold Princess, Hustle Heads and the 16-year-old youngster Rayzaflo. No wonder it took a little more time than usual to get this gangster squad together and organised! 
To kill time in between intercontinental MC coordination, CLP let club sound magician Boys Noize hire them for a 12” guest performance on Boysnoize Records. In no time the friendly boy pulled two of their favourite remixers out of a hat: the Duo Infernale Diplo vs. Dj Sega and the incredible Mix Hell. And – abracadabra – from nowhere the result will appear on September 15, 2008 on vinyl and digitally. And because of all the thundering applause, the two decided to drop some letters and call themselve CLP from now on. It’s time to CLaP!