Various Artists


strike051 = musick002



  1. Peter Grummich - Wasteland - Hunting High & Low Version
  2. Holz - Brett
  3. GwEm - Small Hours


Musick is the brand spanking new underwear line from Shitkatapult for quick reaches into your record bag.  There are three dirty joints that peel off from the material where the needle drops.  GwEm's dramatic rave ballad "Small Hours" is fit for an early Sunday morning.  Grime sits on the backburner of an auto-scooter given the artist is from London.  The cerebral words glide with the mental downfall of a hydrofoil over emotions wound up by the snare-sweeper.  Small melodies stick like tears underneath the pits of raised arms.  The guitar solo works its way heavily with a bare chest right through the middle of the track.  Oh yeah, Gareth Morris is GwEm, a heavy metal dude and Atari ST/old school rave DJ (the E stands for E).

Brett's Holz is a gnarly cubbard made with professional skipper technology.  It sounds a little like the after-thoughts from T.Raumschmiere's brain, as if they ever really existed anyhow.

Peter Grummich pours filigran-techno into the infinte groove and bangs out an epic one, maybe even two, with challenging subtlety.  Even this one is bound to find gifted and technically versatile dancers, however no where close to those trampling animals from Riverdance who are not allowed to move their upper bodies.  Supposedly, they are conditioned with electric shocks which is tasteless to the end.  This has obviously nothing to do with Musick anymore.