gwEm is the artist name, handle and nickname of London based musician and teacher Gareth Morris.

His life was a dull, grey and uninteresting existance for thirteen long years until he heard a third generation copy of Prodigy's "Out of Space" on school friend's walkman. Since that moment of enlightenment he became totally addicted to rave music.

A massive collection of hardcore breakbeat and jungle records soon grew up underneath his bed, and when he looked old enough to get into night clubs he took the next step became a DJ.

Although loving rave music and all its many sub genres and despite regular gigs he still felt something was missing in his life... That something was filled after trying out a Motorhead greatest hits collection in his CD player.

A cheap-ass Flying V copy completed his transformation from wide eyed raver to greasy rocker... His veins now full of the potent cocktail of heavy metal and hardcore rave he set to work on his own music.

Years of hardcore parties have caused gwEm physcological problems, and is now unable to listen to anything remotely relaxing or middle of the road without suffering depression. gwEm likes it when the beats are heavy, hard and with a faint whiff of stilton.

Although his material can be find on vinyls from Muller Records, Preromanbritain and as anonymous unmarked white labels, Shitkatapult is without question his outlet of choice. After gaining legendary status on the 8bit scene, hes silently returned to his junglist roots and is currently preparing new material.

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