Hey Folks! In this next action packed episode of Watching Music, special guests - Guido Möbius & Khan Of Finland drop-in to bring sunshine to our office. Both Manu and Wolle continue to keep the MS Shitkatapult safely on-course, as Daniel introduces alcohol to the cast...Sheldon naturally accepts the generous beverage offer. This is just another typical office day.

After the huge success of Shitkatapult's 1st season of "Watching Music", we decided to do a 2nd season with more action, special guest appearances and a surprising plot! Tune in to our new prime-time spot: Sundays at 16:30 (CET)

Watch here: Season 2 Episode 1

The Orb + Fenin / Bus - EP

Exclusive track by The Orb - Suspected Hippies In Transit written and produced by Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann at Lab, Berlin 2017
Exclusive mixed track: Fenin + Bus (w Dabrye) - Adeto + What is Paris? - mixed together by Alex Paterson, at Lab, Berlin 2017

After the huge success of Shitkatapult's first season of "Watching Music", the label decided to do a second season with more action, more guests and a surprising plot! Just to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shitkatapult! And such is the intent of this compilation: a DJ mix or, better yet, a radio mix or radio show.

At last! We present you the Premiere of our visual art series "Watching Music" - Episode 1.

Watch here: Episode 1

Featuring music mixed by: The Orb.

Hello friends,
we are excited to announce the premiere of our special three part visual/sound series - "Watching Music".
The 1st episode will be posted here this Tuesday @ 16:45 (CET).
And's a video announcement from our very own -Daniel Meteo (Actor / Shitkatapult co-partner)

Si Begg - Blueprints

C.Brötzmann & T.Raumschmiere - st - Shitkatapult Strike 163 - RSD release