Tttrial And Eror

Tttrial And Eror


1. First Try
2. First Error
3. Pressure
4. Bugs and Fixes
5. Nato
6. ABS
7. Shutdown

apparat strikes back!!!
after only 6 months sascha ring is presenting his new mini-lp/cd: tttrial and eror.
his first release "multifunktionsebene” (strike 20) got great reactions of the press.
on this one he also tries to get his machines under control. with more or less success. kind of abstract, deep and minimal but still following the harmonie and the groove. tricky beats and surrounding sounds. far away from 4/4 floor but closer to the dancefloor as you think....
for one track the apparat invited the saxophone player hormel eastwood (track 3 ’pressure’), recorded him and put the sounds in his machines for recalculating.
sascha ring’s homebase is berlin. for the shitkatapult-label he is doing the homepage and some organizing together with marco haas and he is never tired to play live on stage with his laptop(s). catch him while you can.....