Sid Le Rock
Tout Va Bien

Tout Va Bien


1. Chaos For The Aftermath
2. Swollen Member
3. Pow Wow
4. Still Life
5. La Guidoune
6. Applebottom
7. Walk Alone
8. Incliner
9. Slainte Mhor
10. Durch Dick und D√ľnn
11. Made For You

In times of panic and uncertainty, the hip music industry continues to whine and/or regurgitates that same old templated hipster sound. Rien ne va plus? The franco-canadian and Berlin based producer Sheldon Thompson (aka PAN/TONE, GRINGO GRINDER ...) could not care less and presents his new album in good humor and calls his new album as SID LeROCK "TOUT VA BIEN". 11 fresh and bright tracks that never stop rocking. All his work can be described as very personal electronic music that keeps on searching for the human touch, the errors, wrong paths, trials that one can find in all creative works. The computer and electronic instruments are just alternate ways to create sound and rhythm, just like drums, guitars, bass are. SID LeROCK makes use of all these mediums and fights to stray away from the machines calculated ways of the straight track. Human error is vital. Titles like "SWOLLEN MEMBER", "INCLINER", "POW WOW" are examples of a great rocking funk tune with the typical Sid tchak (snare/clap/boom!) style, combinded with a classical melodic rock riffs and techno bass patterns. And best of all, are the wonderful hidden jems with such vocal tracks as "STILL LIFE" and "WALK ALONE". Classical songs, classical moods, wonderful charming singing from the bearded man. After the bankruptcy of Ladomat, SID LeROCK was without home, so he focused his attention on his other
alias, PAN/TONE and his own imprints, Cereal/Killers and Beachcoma. As Pan/Tone, he released with Kompakt, Sender, Sub-Static and completed some random productions as SID Le ROCK with remixes for Depeche Mode, Gui Boratto, Fairmont and Placibo. "TOUT VA BIEN" is the third SID LeROCK album and is released by SHITKATAPULT. It took him 4 years to return to a big SID LeROCK album, it s about time!!!!!