Transforma & O.S.T


Strike 81, emerges as the 2nd DVD release by the Berlin cutting edge electronic music label Shitkatapult. This time we proudly present an experimental, imaginative and ambitous project by Berlin´s video collective Transforma and electronic composer O.S.T. titled. "Synken". This collabaration results in a unique audio/visual experience. "Synken" perfectly matches as a follow up release to (Strike 80) T.Raumschmiere´s "Random Noize Sessions Vol. 01" and rearranges the label's tentacles towards the  new medium DVD with ultra expressive food for the brain, special musick for special people.

SYNKEN is an evolving, resonating journey through splintering landscapes and mysterious characters. Abstractions and forms are reverberated in fragile soundscapes of chaotic planes and unsettling arrhythmic patterns. Is it film or an improvised VJ cut-up? Is it visualized music feeding back into images, or images generating music? This is not the point: synchronized sinking as SYNKEN is a collective creative experience by Transforma (video) and O.S.T. (music). It pushes the limitations and restrictions of genres and steps across new ground in digital art.

American electronic music maverick Chris Douglas aka O.S.T. has been releasing and performing since 1992 as O.S.T., Rook Vallade, Dalglish among other aliases. After numerous releases Douglas remains beyond the established parameters of electronic music. His work is a malevolent mutation of techno‚s digital textures and amorphous melodies which are outside any idea of standard genre specifications. In 2003 O.S.T. was invited to play at the Autechre- curated All Tomorrows Parties and has been forced to reside in Berlin ever since.

Berlin video artist collective TRANSFORMA (Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach, Simon Krahl) combine the momentum of VJ improvisation with the power of highly composed imagery and narrative. TRANSFORMA started producing experimental video art in 2001 and have been taking their imageworld and production processes to higher levels of absurdity ever since. They have worked on promos, concert video and live cinema approaches, in collaboration with Apparat and Funkstörung among others, and have VJed in clubs in Berlin and around Europe.

Wir Synken/ We are Synken!