Various Artists



1. Prost (feat Das Bo)
2. Red red wine (version)
3. Steifheit
4. Allein in der Bar
5. Trink ein Cola
6. Diving In Whiskey
7. Die Reblaus
8. Oachgoddnääh
9. Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky
10. Die Fete
11. Bierchen



  1. Deichkind feat. Das Bo - Prost
  2. Fenin feat Gorbi - Red red wine (version)
  3. Das Bierbeben - Steifheit
  4. Helge Schneider - Allein in der Bar
  5. Dirty Dishes - Trink ein Cola
  6. T.Raumschmiere feat.Ellen Allien - Diving in Whiskey
  7. Marc Marcovic - Die Reblaus
  8. Geld et Nelt - Oachgoddnääh
  9. Anaphie & Phlex - Caramba Caracho ein Whiskey
  10. Rainald Grebe - Die Fete
  11. Studio Braun - Bierchen

Like a good wine, any great label takes time to mature, stewing and brewing away in ancient barrels. For its 10th anniversary, Berlin's favourite swinging and swaying Shitkatapult risks an almost too transparent drop too many from the cup of festive reflection.
The drunken cheer spawned the simplest of plans: to dust off the good old German tradition of 'drinking songs', take them out of the world of wood-panelled shacks and dusty trophies and, just in time for the fifth season, give them a sparkling new overhaul: a dash of strobes in a Berlin pub, so to speak.
For this very exclusive concoction we shook, stirred, poured and spared no pains. Besides a bunch of sing-along evergreens, expect some brand new input for the bottomless archives of German drinking songs (6,000 wine ditties alone from the tiny Moselle south/Bad Urrach region), bound to scare some of you and warm the cockles of others.

SMASH SHITS will flaunt the proud cat. no. 88 and slot in seamlessly between all of Shitkatapult's other boozing favourites - from the latest smashes by ANDERS ILAR, APPARAT, SUN ELECTRIC and SYNKEN to T.RAUMSCHMIERE's recent ambient whoppers. It's precisely this gushing, heart-warming love of music that has kept us alive and driven the label from strength to strength for the last ten years!!!

So, we are proud to present a line-up that's bound to get you drooling …

Hamburg's favourite martial arts whizz kids DEICHKIND follow up their T.Raumschmiere tribute Jägermeister Wellen with last record's über-hit PROST (FEAT DAS BO). An arty smash snuggling up to equally infectious anthems by GELD ET NELT and T.RAUMSCHMIERE  feat. ELLEN ALLIEN (DIVING IN WHISKY) as well as the sensational cover of (in)famous German punk hit STEIFHEIT (BETONCOMBO) by DAS BIERBEBEN. From disco to delirium in three easy steps.

Shaking up those evergreens, expect (Heino's) CARAMBA CARACHO EIN WHISKY, DIE REBLAUS (Hans Moser's grandeur appropriated by Marc Marcovitz) and RED RED WINE in a dubstep version by FENIN feat. GORBI.

As part of this aural drink fest, we are especially proud to feature some critical voices by composers not totally taken in by all-you-can-drink parties with 2,500 sloshed medical students. Loud and proud, enjoy budding comedy star and Thuringian future hope RAINALD GREBE, who toasts that incomparable day-after feeling on DIE FETE. Or check out soft drink stomper TRINK EIN COLA by Hamburg's DIRTY DISHES. And last, but not least, we have snared the tireless media sentries of STUDIO BRAUN for a Bierlied!

The icing on the boozy cake: HELGE SCHNEIDER chips in with his keyboard ode to secret drinking, ALLEIN IN DER BAR.

The CD will be accompanied by a lavish 20-page booklet featuring alcohol-soaked ramblings by Rocky Schamoni, Kai Pohl, Jörg Sundermaier and Daniel Meteo. Plus a few lyrics to shout along - and a cartoon.

A joke? Sure. Here's to you!