Various Artists
Shitkatapult empfiehlt 1

Shitkatapult empfiehlt 1


1. I lost my shit in Tel Aviv / live
2. Waiting for Josh
3. So leis' wie noch nie
4. Fete 1
5. Du machst mich schmutzig
6. Mr. Gaunt Pt. 1000


  1. Apparat - I lost my shit in Tel Aviv / live
  2. Fraction - Waiting for Josh
  3. T.Raumschmiere - So leis' wie noch nie
  4. Fenin & Meteo - Fete 1
  5. Magnum 38 feat. Sissi Cat - Du machst mich schmutzig
  6. Soap & Skin - Mr gaunt Pt. 1000


the masterpiece of the recent vinyl package from the shitkatapult label family is strike 75 „shitkatapult empfiehlt" ("shitkatapult recommends"). released on the same day as our annually shitparade takes place this great compilation ep comes along with the same variety of styles as the parade. strictly musical and compiled exclusively by t.raumschmiere.
"i lost my shit in tel aviv" is another live recording of apparats unique and kicking live sets. like "berlin, montreal, tel aviv" (strike 69) this track is pure thrilling apparat music. besides his development as a top (co) producer for musical heroes like gianna nannini or ellen allien (his latest co production ellen allen + apparat on bpc is one of the top releases in spring 2006!), apparat aka sascha ring took many steps as a live act touring all over the world. here he shows his way of kicking music without nescessarily being another 4 to the floor artist. obvious music never was sascha´s style...
fraction is a brand new talent from france and debuts on shitkatapult with his aphex twin floor progression called "waiting for josh"  - surely not his last time on shitkatapult. "waiting for josh" is neither a downbeat track nor an uptempo tune, but exactly what shitkatapult carries as its trademark: special musick. hard and upfront production styles - more a song than a track.
side a finishes with a new, old track by marco haas aka t.raumschmiere himself: "so leis wie noch nie" (= quiet as never before). made for endless playing, looping, rocking, this track shows shitkatapult´s main character in best shape!
b side opener is a new cooperation between the two dub headz of the shit family. lars fenin and daniel meteo produced a floor piece together that keeps a dubby element but nevertheless aims to be a clicking techno piece for the floor. zirp zirp the elctronica goes, shuffle, shuffle the train - fete 1" (party one) gives you what you need nowadays: party music from the deep heart and not the superficial surface. "fete 1" is perfectly followed by mister party oliver greschke aka revolver man magnum 38. it took maybe a bit too much time since his last releases on musick and shitkatapult, but now we have "du machst mich schmutzig" (you make me dirty), a track in best „pump gun musick for your party“ -tradition - this time more songwriting than ever and with a dirty sissi cat on vocals. keep on stomping. this is the ultimative ringtone for your final call.
soap + skin completes this ep with a crazy piano piece out of nothing. marco found "mr gaunt pt 1000" on one of our demos and it´s great. we do not even want to say how young the artist is...
young musick for old guys? whatever - we need this one. shitkatapult empfiehlt sich.