Quasimodo Jones
Robots & Rebels

Robots & Rebels


1. Love Commando
2. bad cock/good cock
3. cannibal woman
4. kansas
5. why kill time when you can kill yourself
6. mixed abuse
7. the ballad of quasimodo jones
8. rock n roll dream
9. somebody stop me before i kill again
10. dressed for sick sex
11. trailor trash tracy
12. hellnight
13. ride the bull

This is a personally signed version of the LP!

"Without us you're nothing " Why you can forget your magazine, radio
station, record store, and writing career in 2005.

Prelude 1
DJ Hell knows what's up, Tiefschwarz know it too: in pop culture succes derives from team work.  Once again it's not about cooking/chopping up the most lovely sounds in the bedroom in order to research a special idiosynchratic indie-pop language for years, but instead it's about working together on a plan to take over the world.  Producer Hakan Lidbo and singer/ performer Quasimodo Jones have done nothing less than this.

The musical framework for this is, of course, rock music.  Rock will smother everything for another two years which the techno scene knows more than any other.

Hakan Lidbo
No musician is better at this than Hakan Lidbo with his combo of u-turns and full circles.  Lidbo is thee definition of a jet-set producer: Before you've even of starting a label, Lidbo has already got a record out on it.  There's no electronic genre for which his input is not essential.  Now it's time for the world of rock.  First off, Lidbo proves that he could produce a number of acts like Trail of Dead, Metallica, all the way to Linkin Park.  This man could have it all.  He would not be the hyper-mod that he his if he didn't follow through with his desert sand, whiskey scratched rock n roller mission, undermining his acoustic plasticine wellness plan.  Bourbon, peanut butter and tranquilizers do not initiate the demise here, but are incorporated into the concept from the beginning.  Lidbo produces undeniable thorough electronic music: the sequencing is tight, the bass is often so heavy that even an Andre Galuzzi would want to play it – the kind that makes
your eyelids do the flinching.

The American West
Rock stars are continously being invented in the American western hemisphere.  Quasimodo Jones was socialized by the vibration of trains approaching nearby as he would lay his head down on the tracks or listen to the noise from the train yard.  A lot of electronic performers fear the spotlight on stage but not Quasimodo Jones from North Mankato, Wisconsin who is ashamed of nothing at all.  He's not interested in details, he is simply that decisive and self-confident that Tom Waits would even show respect.  It will be a cakewalk in the park for Quasimodo to blow away everyone from Codec & Flexor to Dead Combo in this ongoing techno vs. rock battle.

White Trash – Reeducation
Hartz IV promises to be the next big thing on the local front.  A useful white trash culture will be more in demand than anything else.  Quasimodo Jones didn't see the trailer park in a Harmony Korine film for the first time. (see Quasimodo Jones FAQ)

The only problem left: where will these two find refuge? They're both too aggressive and wild for the techno cliques, and they're too naturally high for the rocker section.  So Shitkatapult has proven to be the only stall ready to deal with these two dudes.