Das Bierbeben
Remixes EP

Remixes EP


1. Behind The Green Door (T.Raumschmiere Remix)
2. Nihilit (Instrumental Version)
3. Wie ein Vogel (Chloé Remix)

The German Techno/Punkrock project DAS BIERBEBEN opens up its third album (“DAS BIERBEBEN”) with this powerful 12” vinyl featuring three special mixes.

The giant song BEHIND THE GREEN DOORS (the only track with english vocals on the album) appears as a remix by SHITKATAPULT founder T.RAUMSCHMIERE. T.RAUMSCHMIERE prooves his outstanding remixing skills one more time. How he merged pop/rock songs with unique techno/club floor beats, chainsaw sounds and re-arrangements for people like DAVE GAHAN, NICK CAVE´s GRINDERMAN, 2RAUMWOHNUNG and many others, finds its peak in BEHIND THE GREEN DOORS: futuristic club musick for the underground and overground world!!! A2 finds an exclusive instrumental and Dj friendly deep cut of DAS BIERBEBEN´s track NIHILIT.

The B side features a super deep techno remix by french Dj star CHLOÈ of WIE EIN VOGEL. WIE EIN VOGEL is a blue print track of DAS BIERBEBEN`s way to marry poltical and poetic lyrics with techno songwriting and a clear link to the German post punk history. Nevertheless this remix by CHLOÉ is 100% club music, 9 minutes of dancing, dreaming, hypnotic moving.