Random Noize Sessions Vol.1

Random Noize Sessions Vol.1


1. Radikal Meditation
2. Die alte Leier
3. Neulich im Bestattungs-Discount
4. Wer war nochma Vermona?
5. Drosophila Matsch
6. The actual Vermona
7. In the ghetto
8. So leis wie noch nie
9. der Eisenwracktraum
10. GrobMotorOmsk (Holz über Kopf)
11. Johannes / Absturz / Klatschen

T.Raumschmiere’s next full length album entitled “Random Noize Sessions Vol. 01” will be released  on nov 10th on shitkatapult!!!

It features a collection of lost studio and live recordings made between 1996 & 2005 - dark ambient tracks, beats and pictures, in best tradition of dark asian movies fighting the new minimal deal, traditional new musickal footprints by heroes like Robert Hood or Mike Ink married to influences of great artists like Coil or Steve Albini. This is Musick against trends.