None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes)

None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes)


1. None Of Them (Robags Wokksikon Remikks) 
2. None Of Them (Robags Berfa Lubb Dubbse)

If you’d force me to do a list of my all-time-Shitkatapult Top 5 NONE OF THEM by Lars FENIN would be one of the first titles I count in. This outstanding track of his double album GROUNDED in 2005 assembles the best of two music worlds: reggae and techno. The songwriting by FENIN combined with the voice of GORBI still gives me goosebumps - and to the people I played it, too, at home or on the floor.

ROBAG WRUHME and the WIGHNOMY BROTHERS charted it for a long time as number one on their dj charts and we all knew that this track had to be included into FENIN´s upcoming MIXES & MAXIS album. Here now, we have the 12” featuring NONE OF THEM in a floor killer remix by ROBAG WRUHME and a dub remix version on the flip side.
This is a big one!