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  1. Schieres - Gefrierbrand
  2. T.Raumschmiere vs Motor - Krank im Hirn


Shortly before the release of the label compilation shitkatapult releases another 12” with sick smash hits for the dancefloor.
On the A-side Schieres – who formerly collaborated with T.raumschmiere under the project name “Schrubbn” – delivers one of the best and most unbelievable rave hymns of the last years! The track could be from 1995 if it wasn’t that ironic and weird. A track that will be DEFINITELY and WITHOUT ANY QUESTION and UNMISTAKABLY the peak of any DJ-set it will be played in.
For the B-side Shitkatapult label boss T.raumschmiere sat down in the studio with his novamute label mates Motor to produce a cover version of the Cypress Hill classic “insane in the brain”.
The result is a cover version that has been kept clear of any hip hop reference or attitude, that winds out of the speakers with its slow speed of 100 bpm and its industrial charm like an evil worm and crawls into the ears of the listener to destroy all memory of the original version. Whoever can listen to it and think of the original version afterwards without having the T.raumschmiere vs. Motor version jump on his mind, shall get back to shitkatapult directly please.