Various Artists


strike059 = musick005



  1. Autolump - God's Speed
  2. Das Bierbeben - Staub rmx
  3. Scapegoat - Anticipate
  4. Magnum38 - Alligator


After the last few Musick records kicked ass this one is even better.  For the most part this is accentuated best by the ending 'sick' since some market specialists may think they know better.

Autolump is Fil le Gonidec, who jump-started his career as the roadie for Killing Joke and the orb as the internet says.  His track is titled "God Speed" fittingly and is quickstep house of biblical wonders or even deep religious convictions stocked with all the visions that one may come to expect from the creators.

"Staub" from Das Bierbeben is being served here as Robag Wruhme's vodka-quake schnakker.  These Jena bread clowns sonically resemble collegues like The Soft Pink Truth or Mouse on Marsm which results in a type of knee-deep excess inlcuding bonafide digressions into pop-clouded realms.

At Shitkatapult Felix is called Scapegoat and at Freizeitglauben Berlin he's Donna K.  "Anticipate" is no track but more or less a moody Hack'n'Slay party with a bonus level and goodbyes from Max Payne at the end.  It's a grande pounding from the techno-shredder up against any hesitation.   

And since DJ's also want to dance you can just let the record go until Magnum 38's "Alligator" ends up being the consolation prize.  No mouse will take a bite out of the fader, as they say in industry terminology.