Various Artists


strike052 = musick003



  1. Drugbeat - Kill Yourself on the Dancefloor Tonight
  2. Uese - Cucuzza
  3. Holz - Splitter
  4. President Ido W/Cutie Kantie - Miss Orange


Drugbeat are Motor, but with vocals. Motor are Bryan Black and Olivier Grasset.
Black is originally from Minneapolis and has worked with Prince. Frenchman Grasset is said to be a world-class drummer. They are also the band Xlovers. They are doing  a Throbbing Gristle remix for Mute, a little record on Novamute, and right now they’re working on a Marilyn Manson remix with Felix da Housecat – a remix of Manson’s remix of “Personal Jesus“. You could add a few more examples of their likely glory, but for Musick, Drugbeat put the blueprint for this industrial, sugar-coated electro basher straight to vinyl.
Zurich-based Uese (Urs Jeitsch), the would-be drummer of a hardcore band, is producing electronic music instead - and he’s not the only one. “Cucuzza” is a longish pumpkin plant. In this case it’s fodder for the high-speed rack-railway with side-rods und Samba wagons, for a journey into the grey zone on twisted tracks with juicy tunnel inserts.

Holz sands this splinter of saw-tooth techno and gets an A+ in woodwork class. The guys at the back will not get away unpunished – with at least two lunch-breaks of being locked in the girls’ bathroom.

President Ido is a promoter from Osaka, 23 years old and a mighty good DJ. The boss says Cutie Kantie is his girlfriend. “Miss Orange” sounds like a mixture of 8doogymoto and Mouse on Mars, but who knows – maybe Ido is also the Pres of the Japanese ghetto-tech fraction - and naturally they cook up their very own rice’n’shit variation.