Mixes & Maxis

Mixes & Maxis


1. Done (Edit)
2. Divison El Norte
3. Seems Like
4. None Of Them (Robags Wokksikon Remikks) 
5. Romeo Kalimba
6. Driven
7. Adeto
8. And Again
9. Sound And Power

Some people call it the renaissance of dub techno – the deep, the twisted and the reverberant are returning to the dancefloor. Getting lost in the depths of music is the new swimming on the surface.

Lars Fenin, born in Hamburg and living in Berlin, has been known for that kind of sound for more than ten years already, releasing ingenious stuff on Shitkatapult, Hör Zu, Echocord/Colour, Meteosound and his own label called Dock. “Mixes & Maxis” is a roundhouse kick of his current work: 9 magical dub techno tracks, some of which have already been published on 12” maxis, but are now available on CD for the first time. Besides blue print tracks like the brilliant “Done” or “Driven”, and more current releases like “Romeo Kalimba” (great Echocord split maxi with “Deadbeat”) as well as Fenin’s dub step hit “Seems like” (released on his own label Dock), there are quite a few new treasures to be found on “Mixes & Maxis”. “Adeto” for example, an incredibly deep ambient track, creating a musical ocean of black and dark blue waves. Just like the extremely funky “Division el Norte” and “Sound and Power” featuring renowned vocalist Gorbi, all tracks stand for quality and a certain groove as well as a natural connection between electronic music, techno and dub.

The album’s magical moment is an old friend in a new suit: “None of them”, Fenin’s evergreen also featuring Gorbi, has been remixed by Robag Wruhme of Leipzig. When he was still a part of Whighnomy Brothers, Robag had played “None of them” over and over again and had placed the track at the top of his DJ charts, so of course he was thrilled to remix the track. And what a remix it turned out to be – a killer on the dancefloor and still a soulful techno track.

The album in general is characterized by a certain timelessness, a constancy of music beyond the borders of electronic, dub or techno. It’s the depth and the soul turning sound into music instead of a fleeting moment of hype. It is the renaissance of longevity, of the soul of (techno) music, which is driving us. The perfect time for this record.

At the same time as the CD, a 12” vinyl called “None of them Remixes” will be released, including the driving club hit remix by Robag Wruhme. On the B side, you will find an exclusive dub instrumental remix by Robag named “Get it, Done it, Driven by it”.