Membran Tracks 1-4

Membran Tracks 1-4


1. Entwurf
2. Faden
3. Zufrieden
4. Zuschnitt

finally! after releasing the membran tracks as an ultra rare cdr in cooperation with the fashion label membran-mode, we are happy to present the first 4 tracks on vinyl too:

membran tracks 1-4 (shitkatapult strike 13).

after successful attempts in highspeed dsp torturing with nanospeed, roland fiege
(shitkatapults officemanager in heidelberg) has re-discovered the spaces behind the straight bassdrum. in reanimating his second ego spacetank he combined both projects on this record. the monotony of dub with a digital soundworld.

track by track he manages to embedd the often dry and sharp edged clicks, glitches and cuts into a deep and soft environment – creating an atmosphere that whispers
“ … let´s escape into a wonderful world of zeroes and ones.”

driven by a steady beat crispy and glitchy echoes shake hands with deep reverbs.
roland fiege himself says:“ i wanted to meet both ends. the dancefloor and the campfire“

the german press has already warmed up at this campfire e.g. de-bug magazine:

Nanospeed feat. Spacetank - Membran Tracks (Shitkatapult/013)
great track., all of them. whoever made them. this is what it is about: in the last couple of years we have heard a lot in this genre of clicking, minimal sound and dub.
probably that much that one could cover the whole world in it and it would it would diminish in the deep echeoesque system of references, overdubbs and a slowly damped mirrors. what is left are the effects as reality so ciculates are effects of effects. this is how this record works – but in such an intensive way that you identify each and every sound and it´s effekt as a surprise.
all tracks perfect. sometimes with decent beats, sometimes 4tothefloor in a classical sense since they transform the dancefloor into a pulsating monster of constantly changing the perspectives.
great.---------bleed *****