Sami Koivikko
Kut Pulatin Pt.3

Kut Pulatin Pt.3


1. Kut Pulatin
2. Grunis
3. Erisana
4. Asle

oh my god, the funk s.hits back!!!

shitkatapult minimal house techer sami koivikko with the last episode of kut pulatin.
4 straight  new tracks following the warm and groovy spirit of the first two parts.
a1 is the series title track kut pulatin itself and it’s the original soundtrack to a sunrise in the mountains. a2 grunis is a concrete dancefloor track with cool dramatic strings in it. sunrise again on b1 with erisana but this time it’s not on a mountain it’s in the woods, hehe. and we stay in the woods for b2 asle and drown in deep melowness based on a groovy shuffle.
with kut pulatin pt.1-3 sami koivikko showed us the easy, fresh and funky way of minimal tech house and made his way to every dj-case. he is recently working on his album which is planned for the end of the year.
stay tuned. stay funky. stay dirty.