Sami Koivikko
Kut Pulatin Pt.2

Kut Pulatin Pt.2


1. Hermonik Lost
2. Vaithotoinen
3. Byrthe
4. Polemik

oh my god thats the funky shit!!!
mr. sami koivikko from tampere/finnland is back with the second part of kut pulatin. those of you who liked the first part will love this one.
'hermonik lost'(a1) lets you think of an old sailor playing the accordion with just the right swing. 'byrthe'(a2) and 'polemik'(b2) are extremely funky tech-house tracks and make you wiggle your hips. 'vaihtotoinen'(b1) is a massiv and deep track with dramatic string-melodies. ............oh my god thats some funky shit!!!