The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle

The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle


1. The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle
2. Bow Down Big Man to Get Your Credit, I Watch Your System and Spit Right at It
3. Willkommen im Strom
4. Ravemusick
5. Nietenbolzen
6. Musick
7. Zartbitter
8. Monoblock
9. The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle Rmx
10. Anti.Quariat

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there’s definitely something real big taking charge here!  mr. raumschmiere comes at us with his rancid punk ways and flashes a two-finger british fuck-off sign as if to say: these two did all the work.  in fact, here are his greatest hits compiled on one cd.  the title track “the great rock’n’roll swindle” doesn’t just gleam with presence of mind but actually ends up being a great big lie.  what we have here rocks and rolls in quite a major way.  so where’s the swindle?
the opening title track blasts as seldom heard before and should be able to revive any drunk zombie.  the unmistakable gnarz-bass battles venimous melodies in a high-tech web.  it’s a track for all thugs with a prep-school degree.  first slam it in your face and then think about it later.  however, the notorious techno punk himself leaves no time for recovery.  his fuck-off fingers pound the ‘enter’ key’, hitting the system with flatulent bass noises that burst into soundscape crackles, which he probably borrowed from label-mate apparat – ‘bow down big man to get your credit’!
everyone knows real punks are lazy.  it’s no wonder then that three recording tracks are enough for the piece “willkommen im strom”.  It’s almost sadistic if this ends up being propaganda for industrial conveyor-belt type labor.  Whoever doesn’t work should at least party in their car.  for this, raumschmiere suggests “ravemusick,” which shouldn’t be missing in any opel ascona complete with a back-seat kenwood system.  as a matter of fact, that goes for all barbers who specialize in shaved, center-parted, lard-greased dews.
there’s supposed to be folks who simply bob their heads, at best, to the beat of a first-class house-musick track like “nietenbolzen.”  this can now even garuantee a punk or two entry to your local model parties.       
enough with the superficial stuff; let’s shuffle into the musical core of t.raumschmiere with “musick.”  Here we have the disclosure of a track-laced mind pertaining to a karlsquell addict: hiding tight and convincing bass-lines in treacherous ‘frickel-fragments’.
we shuffle further and head toward the heart.  yes, even the most stubborn objecter has feelings that he calls “zartbitter.”  carefully, undarkened bass lines knock on the door and bend their way into soft, velvet planes of a certain romantic melody followed by the aroma of melancholia.
in the end, raumschmiere presents us with a short film for the cinema of mind.  it’s about a guy who’s rocked all night to dawn, lying in his bed, enjoying the last puff of his sporty cig.