Anders Ilar



1. Coastline
2. Rare Islands
3. Remember When
4. Makebelieve
5. Illusion of a Summerbreeze
6. December Haze
7. Everlast

“that’s nice, what we’re hearin there, what is it?”
“the new shitkatapult, anders ilar, this dude from sweden.”
“whaaat? shitkatapult? sounds like 1991, except it’s now.”

anders ilar is awaiting the release of his new album, already having sharpened the definition of winter-techno with his 12” ‘replik’ on this label.  the new album awakens that what used to be called ambient with mindful greatness.  “everdom” is simply a gift.  it dsiplays realness which seems to have gone under in the volume of the information craze and knowledge hysteria: sensibility, slowness, introversion, courage – freeing your mind and letting it flow.  the music carefully pushes the listener into an intimate place of self-reliance without the need for outside brotherly love.  now, when too many fingers are shaking nervously, where too many faces look anxiously and where too much music is consumed rapidly, everdom unties all the knots of fixed listening and experience.  one could almost call releasing a record like this in the present courageous.  everdom is the antithesis of your current state of mind.  everdom is progress.  there’s no progress without conflict.  whoever takes the dive here has courage.

“what’s ambient? in the beginning there was silence, dreaming light, and slowness.  awaken in a world without words and wipe the sand from my eyes.  it’s the year 2012 and the now doesn’t exist anymore, not even in the past.  ambient it what we hear our entire lives without hearing it, ambient is boring.  ambient the music of time after time.  there are just more pictures in the mind flickering like a snowfall white-out before a background covered in grey...far away the flakes echo...falling slowly down to cover everything that simply breathes deeply the wild spikes of cold-cutting air.”  from essay on synapse massage, 1994