1. E (Version)
2. E303

Marco Haas aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE is coming back home. SHITKATAPULT releases his new 12"  "E"  with great pleasure. This dancefloor killer vinyl  is a two tracker from disco hell, that will ruin your emotional balance! SHITKATAPULT wants you to pay attention: this musical pill is a very hard one - maybe only listen to half of the track first!!!!
The title track "E" is playing as a genre´s devils advocate. featured are; major synth hook lines, pitch crazy, voodoo trance, godzilla beats and futuristique sound design from the year 2361. T.RAUMSCHMIERE shoots a shell of music and welcomes you to the return of monster truck driver (dance harder). flip side "E303" (E303 • 5,6-diacetyl-L-Ascorbinsäure) presents the only possible b side for "E". disturbing funk chemicals.
after all of this new 12" we present a new T.RAUMSCHMIERE that worked on a lot of his style: raw synth modulation, live drum beats and bassdrum techno. "E" allows a preview  on a great new T.RAUMSCHMIERE album „I TANK U“ on SHITKATAPULT. the best form of rave techno rock track musick and outstanding songwriting for the fans that expect more than the usual.