1. Granular Bastard
2. Contradiction
3. Steinholz
4. Interrupt
5. Wooden
6. Warm Signal
7. Schallstrom
8. Repeat Till Overload
9. Cerro Largo
10. Interrupt 2
11. Steady Uprising
12. Interrupt 3
13. Negra Modelio

From Schallstrom and Mexican Bier, Berlin based Apparat emerges with a full-length that hits the jackpot minus the bling, partakes in the recent fornication between acoustics and electronics and reaches deep into conveying new and evocative soundscapes.

Of course, in Apparat’s mind, it was all planned, and the result is fittingly titled Duplex. The name Apparat means ‘device’ and Sascha Ring aka Device, uh, Apparat loves nothing more than spending the majority of his day twiddling around with any gadget he can get his hands on EXCEPT for those pesky DJ-whoring-tools. Miraculously, in between his twiddling, he finds the time to co-run Shitkatpult and occasionally you’ll find him in a Berlin club enjoying another Shitkatapult tradition - whiskey.  

This new long player’s screw-music will penetrate deep into your ears and hunt out the pain.  Duplex is a collection of new material, poetically absorbing you in every way, steering a symphonic cakewalk blitz through your emotions, and successfully/intentionally bypasses the mundane and empty laptop sounds of the giant sweat-shop of electronic music.  It’s full of shock-and-awe, not unlike when you first took that hit of acid and listened to trance-techno (ok, maybe we’re going a little too far but hell, we’re excited about this album). Listen to the songs on headphones after a long day.  Listen intently for the recipe a la Duplex: Mexican digi-mosquitoes, droning Catholic organs, heart-wrenching distorted horns, and finally the Device’s renown, shuffled thump beats .  

Automated language that refers to the production Duplex shall be printed inside the booklet to illuminate Apparat’s mix of binary codes and personal distractions.  Through language it tries to echo the schizophrenic mental state that he experienced while designing and mixing his digital and acoustic recordings.  It tries to underline how a feeling or image can be artistically transformed into patch-programmed music, or how Sascha’s recent experiences affect his music, or how that place somewhere deep inside his patches can be reduced to mere words (for immediate wooden screws listen to track 8 all the way to THE END)