1. Anti.Quariat
2. September
3. Strike
4. Offbeater

mr. ‘dubbin to the maxx’ a.k.a lars fenin hits up shitkatapult to deliver a solid slab of berlin dub-techno with his ‘done ep’.
the opener ‘done’ is a monumental even timeless piece that can work the dancefloor as well as slick the afterhour.  a2 ‘september’ sounds like a swingin beach dub that might lead one to believe berlin has a shoreline.  b1 ‘strike’ simply rocks!  no question.  a schmoove string sound catches onto a funky guitar sample giving the record a dancefloor hit.  b2 ‘offbeater’ is a fast-paced yet solid track that ends this release the way it should.
as for the person behind the artist: lars fenin while known for his berlin presence has recently given shitkatapult a bulk of his time as a live act on the ‘cozmic suckers tour 2002.’  his live set is diverse and extremely funky to the point where ya got to shake yo ass.
he’s back on the katapult after releasing with an allied mannheim label hoerzu!.  currently mr. dub is working on his full-length which should be out by the end of the year.