Various Artists
Dirty Floor (Mixed by Peter Grummich)

Dirty Floor (Mixed by Peter Grummich)


1. Intro
2. Abu Ghraib
3. Fuites De Gaz
4. The Animal (Das Tier)
5. Johns Addiction
6. Raw Dog
7. Rave Daddy (The 3 Stages)
8. Zwrtshak Drive
9. What Time
10. Swamp Thang
11. Marek & Das Polen Pony
12. Yeehaw! Human Is Target
13. Skid
14. Anticipate
15. New Serious One



01_Peter Grummich & Ben De Biel - Intro
02_Deadbeat - Abu Ghraib
03_Ark - Fuites De Gaz
04_Peter Grummich - The Animal (Das Tier)
05_John Starlight - Johns Addiction
06_Audion - Raw Dog
07_P+S - Rave Daddy (The 3 Stages)
08_Audio Werner - Zwrtshak Drive
09_Leo Cubanero - What Time
10_Justin Martin & Sammy D-  Swamp Thang
11_Dapayk Solo - Marek & Das Polen Pony
12_Sergej Auto - Yeehaw! Human Is Target
13_Wekan - Skid
14_Scapegoat - Anticipate
15_Dirk Leyers - New Serious One
16_James T. Cotton - T.Y.O.C. Painkillers


This tech-house ode to partying is being released in order to prove that Shitkatapult and the Berlin club Maria don't merely join forces for live shows, but also love collaborating in high-gloss stereo sound.  This is the first mix compilation at Shitkatapult selected and mixed by Peter Grummich, a DJ close to his 20th stage appearance, who serves you a good listen which is of course the purpose of such exercises.

The entertainment industry for nightlife near the Berliner Ostbahnhof in the German capitol has developed a well-known reputation from levels of quality to garbage.  The story starts in 1998 as the Berliner techno circus of the 90s was slowly suffocating in serenity.  The club Maria at the Ostbahnhof was founded by five local artists and geared towards an ambitious concept of "dance music."  They heavily emphasized "intelligent" in the front and "live" programming in the back.  It quickly became a home base for art spectacles like the Transmediale or even alternative events to the Loveparade like the Interference Festival.  Their booking history has earned a reputation from then until now known for strong content without boundaries. With that said, the Maria also earned scars reminiscent of a rotten punk look yet still managed to rise to higher tastes with special occasions.
A stubborn rumor early on that claimed the Maria had good music but wasn't the place for partying has long since been drowned in puddles of sweat from the wild celebrations they've hosted.  Last but not least, Shitkatapult's yearly Shitparade is clearly the high point for all those who bust their ass for the label to bring you the right content. This goes for Peter Grummich as well who proved himself as the best choice for this mix comp after his six hour DJ set.  His uncompromising style aimed at the party to the point where thunder comes crashing down never does get uncomfortable for the listener. Grummich mixes a compact selection of the best recent eleases into a nice sounding invitation to club Maria, leaving ignorant deaf trancers on the sidewalk.    
Funkkanone Ark, Matthew Dear alias Audion and the highly praised Audio Werner are also on board as is the Maria favorite Leo Cubanero or Ghostly-/Spectral-multifunctionalist Tadd Mullinix aka Dabrye aka James T. Cotton.
A mix that has it going on…