Candie Hank
Demons (Add-On)

Demons (Add-On)


1. Ghostrider
2. Moldavian Beach Party feat. Dialect Trio
3. Forced Proposal
4. Swimming Rabbit (Patric Catani Remix) feat. Yuko Matsuyama
5. Lounge of Rage

A wicked update of Candie Hank’s milestone Demons – the output of this man is simply too vast for a full-length album to do it justice. So it is with the title track Ghostrider, in which the melody refers again and again to the famous piece about the ghost riders in the sky. With this track, Candie builds seamlessly on the Western and desert aesthetic, a recurring theme that is carried through the entire album. The second great Demons theme is the Eastern European cultural sphere – after Transylvanian Voodoo now comes the Moldavian Beach Party, featuring Candie-esk club polka with surf guitar and a melancholic hook. It is followed by Forced Proposal, which also bears a distinct element of polka but with an absurd Marx Brothers humor. Candie Hank’s old buddy Patric Catani gives Swimming Rabbit, one of the hidden gems on Demons, the depth it deserves. And, for the dance-crazed demons and dervishes that Hank stirs up here, there is no holding back once we get to the insane Lounge Of Rage.

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