Various Artists
Cristian Vogel presents Sleep Debt

Cristian Vogel presents Sleep Debt


1. Knallkids Marky - Bronco
2. The Black E - Y-O-Y Jack
3. Intercooler - Tokyo
4. Spandex - Rag And Bones
5. Spandex - I Love My V50
6. The Black E - Y-O-Y Jack (The ? Mix)
7. Knallkids Marky - Low Rider
8. Tarrida & Rodriduez - El Mejor Momento

“I would’ve started pretty much at the beginning in terms of techno, and dance music was becoming a pretty big explosion, the revolution was happening around that time, early 90s. So in some ways I’m artistically about as old as the scene in Europe, yes?”

The Chile / UK composer and producer CRISTIAN VOGEL looks back into a history of 20 years starting in 1993, playing, releasing, composing, producing electronic music in its complete range from Techno, Club and Dance Music to Musical Art, Ambient and Music for Movies and Theatre, Ballets and Theories. SHITKATAPULT celebrates this anniversary with a line of releases starting with a Digital Compilation presenting one of Vogel´s numerous own Label Imprints: SLEEP DEBT. Getting no sleep on the weekend was and still is one of the basic ingredients of the Club and Techno circus.

SLEEP DEBT includes 5 Vinyl 12” releases of CRISTIAN VOGEL´s “Swiss Period” featuring productions by himself and friends. SHITKATAPULT also offers the last vinyl originals at SHOPKATAPULT.COM

The named tracks have never been released digital - to save the vinyl feeling and sound these tracks have been digitalised straight from vinyl!!!

These great productions have all been released in 1995/1996...