Various Artists
The Cozmick Suckers Vol. Black & White Compilation

The Cozmick Suckers Vol. Black & White Compilation


1. Art 2 Dance
2. Harz
3. Prummer
4. Rambaustein
5. Untitled Dance Tracks
6. Yellow Dub
7. Desperate Thirst
8. Anti
9. Suber
10. Quasimodus
11. Selma
12. Revisit Red
13. Redb. 4-.Index.2



01. Rechenzentrum vs. Column One - Art 2 Dance
02. Kyborg - Harz
03. Munit - Prummer
04. Apparat - Rambaustein
05. Hughes/Cooper - Untitled Dance Tracks
06. Fenin - Yellow Dub
07. Zoy Winterstein - Desperate Thirst
08. T.Raumschmiere - Anti
09. Sami Koivikko - Suber
10. Magnum 38 - Quasimodus
11. Napoli is Not Nepal - Selma
12. Slicker - Revisit Red
13. Steinbr├╝chel    Redb. 4-.Index.2


the berlin based recordlabel shitkatapult and its owners marco haas a.k.a. t.raumschmiere and sascha ring a.k.a. apparat strikes back for the 30st time!!!
with the 'the cozmick suckers compilation vol. black&white' (strike30, 2x12"/cd).
after,, vol. yellow and vol. silver this is the fifth compilation in the cozmick suckers series  and again it is featuring the whole wide music range of shitkatapult dimensions: from abstract gnarz sounds to high-end micro house and from punkrocking techno to jazzy ambient spheres. shitkatapult spreads out a concept of musick (how we call it outernational) to cure everyones electronically polluted hearts and desires.
the release features well known shitkatapult artists like apparat, sami koivikko, t.raumschmiere, rechenzentrum, fenin and magnum38 new faces like munit, napoli is not nepal and zoy winterstein plus special guests like kyborg (nbi/raster-noton), steinbruechel (, john hughes(slicker) and charly cooper(telefon tel aviv) of hefty records/chicago.
it is 71 minutes of musick for clubs and homes, days and nights, car rides and chill out zones. minimal deep funkiness meets relaxing atmospheres.
with 'the cozmick suckers compilation vol. black&white' shitkatapult shows once again that it is a recordlabel far outside the norm and not easy to be categorized.
shitkatapult delivers special music for special people.