Daniel Meteo
In Club Mood (with Abe Duque)

In Club Mood (with Abe Duque)


1. In The Mood - Abe Duque remix
2. Audio Quattro
3. In The Mood

This outstanding record by Berlin´s SHITKATAPULT features the most clubbing hit of DANIEL METEO´s new house album WORING CLASS (cd, shitkatapult, oct 09) in its original version and as chicago/detroit acid house remix by new york classic producer ABE DUQUE. A remarkable connection. ABE DUQUE takes IN THE MOOD down to the underground, so it hurts. Pitchdown vocals, acid chain saws, detroit bassdrum, strings, keys, spaced out and unresistable on the dance floor, 8:24 minutes.
Beside the original the flip sides contains an unreleased dance track by Mr METEO himself. AUDIO QUATTRO combines the idea of 4 to the floor and half beat to a future funk of electronic music. Stevie Wonder meets nowadays club music,