Hakan Lidbo



1. Microsonic
2. My first Honest Penny
3. Clockwise
4. Freeze Lapd
5. The Fu Clan

“Hey Dad, what’s a label whore?”
“Where did you pick that up?”
“The Shitkatapults say that Hakan’s a label whore?”
“Ugh, ok, a label is simply also a human being.  And when Hakan comes through on the decks to seduce you with his charm then it might just occur that a small and low-budget label gets weak in the knees.  Especially when it’s such a mature and professional label whore like Hakan Lidbo.”
“Does he always do such raw-dog stuff?”
“Huh, well, that’s what he dares to do for Shitkatapult.”

It must be true.  Hakan Lidbo’s musical libido is so unsatiated that even a label with the predisposition for nymphomania could never solely satisfy the production sex-cess of this 38-year-old Swede (this is obvious).  There are several hundred of his releases on various labels.  Then it’s no surprise that, just about every hour, he sends CDR’s with new ideas to dope labels around the globe.  Alas he awaits their response in his studio just like in the day where soldiers stood waiting by the lantern in front of their fort like Lili Marleen.  “Clockwise” is the title of his offering to Shitkatapult in the form of a 12” EP.  Lidbo iscenates his boom techniques in 17.2 minutes with 5 tracks containing the choreography of a porno-flick on fast forward.
“Microsonic” is an electro-stomper stapled together with the most important conventional effect elements of the last 20 years.  This is polished up with refreshing and silly micro-music fragments.  Well, there is almost nothing out there musically that evades Mr. Lidbos grasp.  “My first honest penny” illuminates the fact that this old Swede knows exactly what kinda sound is necessary to wrap label chief T.Raumschmiere around his finger.  Here we have the Munster family with their artificial hips on the black and white dance floor of their deteriorated home combined with gnarzing thunder beats, while a suspenseful organ plays the mighty song of dread.  If a video-clip were ever to be made for this track then only Ed Wood would be ripe and worthy enough to do the job.  “Clockwise” comes along as a pulp’n’bass track to report in detailed and painterly manner on the daily grind of two Londoners, from the alarm clock all the way to bed time.  Lidbo’s obsession is a tight and stringent daily routine.  Every morning he wakes up around 9 o’clock and makes one or two tracks by two in the afternoon to then finish the work day with business till around seven in the evening.  The cut “Freeze LAPD” is shameless disco funk for fans of TV series like Chips.  The seventies appeal is really just a mirage: the reality of this track is like Erik Estrada stripping with Cpt. Future in an interstellar disco cage shortly behind Homos III.  In the painfull end, Lidbo lets “The fu-clan” smash long-nosed faces into Japanese sized regularity.  Ouch.