Das Bierbeben
Alles fällt

Alles fällt


1. Im Kreis
2. Don't Drink The Water
3. Bis die Liebe nicht mehr weh tut
4. Warum faltest Du die Hände
5. Ihr
6. Der heimliche Aufmarsch
7. Alles fällt
8. Kein schöner Land
9. Häuser
10. Des Nachts
11. Keiner wird Dein Herr sein

J. Müller on “alles fällt“:    

Dross or jewel? We do like our new album. In our age of added 147 years, we have seen lots of fashion bagatelles come and go. Our aim was to create something beautiful that endures a little longer. There were some long nights and days; even with the prevalence of expanded consciousness  some favorable listeners of electronic music react either spitefully or aggressively to a slightly mis-programed bass drum and, furthermore, that style and messages of our lyrics are in opposition to the spirit af this age.  The disgust we feel when regarding societal and, particularly, cultural reality in Germany demands of us to work in self-designed groups to set a joyous counterexample.  This is done because or even in spite of all the problems that come about.  Parts of the group came to the conclusion that other parts of the group were treating them like work horses (Wilton).  One part of the group ended up getting trampled when the going got tough rather than being helped out, at least in the sense of becoming a nervous wreck or even a dictator.  Time will tell if our expectations at the onset of this project will be met or not, or even come close to reality.
Jewel or dross? Decide for yourself.  We can not offer any further explanation.  Everything else we would like to say to you is in the music.  
Thanks for your attention span.