Das Bierbeben
Alles fällt

Alles fällt


1. Alles Fällt - Losoul Worldwide Mix
2. Alles Fällt - Schnelle Version
3. Alles Fällt - Losoul Remix 4 Nuthin Mix
4. Schliess Die Tür

Well done: shitkatapult takes one of the best tracks of the album and gets it remixed.
And even the title track. Clever guys, aren’t they?!
For the remix work they could sign Losoul, who is one of the most renowned artists of the Germany based minimal house imprint Playhouse. He released there and on labels like Mood Music, Plug Research and Ongaku over 20 single artist releases and remixed artists like Freaks, Sven Väth and Alter Ego. So, wasn’t it just natural that Das Bierbeben would be in the line one time?!
He liked the original very much and truned it into two dancefloor pearls of a wonderful grace:
One worldwide remix, a stripped down 8 minute piece that could well go as dub version. Slowly building up, finely escalating it will certainly shake many afterhours’ and minimal clubs’ sweaters bones and brains.
The much shorter rmx 4 nuthin’ uses a dirty bassline that strangely reminds one of the well known pop chart song who’s title translated to German means sth like „Ich mag zu bewegen, bewegen es“. Hm....
Massive fun. Definitely a burner!

For your extra pleasure there is a cover version of „Schließ die Tür“ of Campingsex, the predecessing band of the German krautrock legend Mutter.
As a confusing element the original does not come along as the original version but as „schnelle version“ – „fast version“ whtever that means...