Bus Eagles - OUT NOW

As a matter of fact, some of the tracks compiled on „Eagles“ were recorded years ago, and a few of them have even seen a release, but some things take time, and for Tom Thiel and Daniel Meteo this meant putting together album #3 a whopping eight years after the second Bus album Feelin’ Dank came out. Like the duo’s debut effort Middle of the Road (2003), said predecessor pretty much offered a mix of dub, hip-hop and electronica, with additional vocals by MC Soom-T for good pop measure. On Eagles, the vocal parts have disappeared, and we’re left with the purely instrumental oomph and allure of their tracks.

Still, one shouldn’t forget about where they came from, what happened before they started Bus in 2002: Tom Thiel had already written (electronic) music history as one half of Sun Electric, whereas Daniel Meteo added a unique position to Berlin’s budding music scene, both with his work as a producer and his label Meteosound. If you feel like digging a little deeper, you will, of course, discover that there’s a lot more to say about these guys.

Let’s put it this way: Eagles sees Bus, now on a purely instrumental journey, finding their way back to the here and now.

Check it out, peoploids!