Ulli Bomans

Ulli Bomans aka SCHIERES grew up in Landau. In 1990 he started to use his home-computer with a cheap 4-track software in order to produce his first electro-tracks.

Influenced by EBM, Dark-Wave and Industrial he founded his first band CRUDE SLOPE two years later. Together with Gerhard Lallmann and Andi Kuntz he produced music that combined these three directions.
Another year later a second band was founded by SCHIERES and two good fríends of his: Niels Benken and Gerd Kornmann (today known as GELT ET NELT. Their project was named WOLFSLEEVE and they decided to mix dark and harsh sounds with a lot of strange humour.

Between 1994 and 1998 Bomans also worked together with Patrick Schauer and Hendryk Martin on the project DOWN‘T. Some of their tracks were published on SHITKATAPULT. The three guys have been known for their special live-performances that had ritual backgrounds.

1995 Ulli Bomans started his Studies of Art in Kassel, where he worked on his first performances and sound-installations - sometimes electronic and sometimes purely organic. He interacted in strange sceneries such as lavatories or churches.

In 1995 SCHIERES met Marco Haas aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE. Immediately their friendship turned into an intense collaboration. They called themself SHRUBBN!! and used to enclose themselves for days in Bomans‘ appartment in Kassel with their machines and went deeper and deeper into their special world of sound somewhere between Low-Noize-Ambient and Filthy-Techno. After a while both of them moved to Berlin and published some tracks on SHITKATAPULT-compilations.

In little underground bars SCHIERES found new friends, among others Henriette Thorslund aka MISS TIGRA. This poetry-writer combined her lyrics and voice with the SCHIERES-beats and some great tracks arised. They still produce together from time to time.

After two years in Berlin Bomans moved to Marseille in 1999 and started his cooperation with Eric Demay aka MISTER T. They never arranged a complete track with a sequencer, everything was improvised in every second. They often used to play live-shows on free-techno-partys in the South of France and even then nothing was prepared and every live-set sounded totally different. The BPM varied from 60 to 180.

The next winter SCHIERES stayed with his motorhome in the desert of Andalucia/Spain and worked on some tracks with a drum-machine, a sampler and solar-panels. There he met CARLA INTERCEPTOR. With five more persons they decided to create a stage play. Because the others came from Hamburg, the idea was born to go there all together in order to produce the play.

The following summer (2001) Bomans actually moved to Hamburg and started his job, producing the music for the play „Unbekanntes Deutschland“ („Unknown Germany“). CARLA and SCHIERES decided to travel together one year later. They powercruised south, first stopped in Zurich and finally ended up sticking there for the entire summer. They had taken their sound-machines along, so they could work on some tracks and played some live-sets.

In 2003 Bomans moved to Cologne and stayed there for more than two years. An old friend from his hometown Landau lived there as well: Hendryk Martin aka NAPOLI IS NOT NEPAL. They remembered the time they had spent together with DOWN‘T and started a revival. By intense speed they created tracks. Martins richness concerning melodies was combined with Bomans‘ harsh industrial sounds in a very weird and special way. Some of the songs were published. In this case they used Martins project name NAPOLI IS NOT NEPAL.

Still living in Cologne, SCHIERES and CARLA INTERCEPTOR wanted to work together again. So they did and met twice a month either in Cologne or in CARLAS hometown Hamburg. Passing by the city of Gladbeck while driving on the freeway their bandname was born: GLADBECK CITY BOMBING. In the beginning of 2006, Bomans moved back to Hamburg and this collaboration became more and more intense. From now on they often played distorted-techno-punk-live-shows and got popular for a special way of dressing. They also started to broadcast a continuous radio transmission called „Küchenmixer“ on FSK 93,0 Mhz.

At the same time Marco Haas and Ulli Bomans stopped that long SHRUBBN!!-break to bring back the maximum blast into the minimal world again. New tracks have been written and 12“ singles were published on MUSICK TO PLAY IN THE CLUB, the little sister of SHITKATAPULT. They produced a couple of remixes as well, among others for WARREN SUICIDE, AUX RAUS, DAVE GAHAN, MARK BOOMBASTIK and APPARAT. 

In 2007 a new collaboration started with Rahburt Price aka JESUS PRICE SUPER RAHB, that is concentrating on dark Trip-Hop with techno-influence and rap-vocals. Their name is MONSTER MONSTER. 
2009/2010 was dedicated to the plays "Alice im Schlunderschland" and "Corpus Delicti" (Regie Sophie Domenz). GLADBECK CITY BOMBING produced sound and music and performed live during the plays, that happened at Deutsches Schauspielhaus and Deutsche Oper in Hamburg.
A temporary climax of the project SHRUBBN!! was the ECHO-series, published in 2012, consisting of a double-vinyl-album, a 15 minutes remix of THE ORB (a remix of not just one single song, but of the whole album) and ECHOS EXTRA, that was handed in later as digital version. 
In last the years Bomans worked hard on his artwork-exhibitions and his musical solo-project to finally release the album "RIVEN" on SHITKATAPULT in June 2014.
Ulli Bomans
Ulli Bomans