Sun Electric

Sun Electric saw the light of day in 1990, with their first 12" O'Locco on Wau! Mr.Modo. and one track Sundance, which appeared on the first Cafe del Mar compilation.
After splitting up with the third member in a band called Fischerman's Friend, Max and Tom carried on as Sun Electric.
O'Locco got great attention by Alex Paterson, Jimmy Cauty & Youth in London. They considered S.E. to be the inventors of Ambient House. From there a great friendship and collaboration with Thomas Fehlmann and The Orb started, which lasts until today. In 1994 The Orb released Pomme Fritz - a collaboration between The Orb and S.E.

After being stuck with a record deal at ZTT records, which didn't lead to any releases, Sun Electric found a new label: R&S in Gent, Belgium.
O'Locco got re-released and a double 12" followed, then the first album Kitchen came out in 1993. The first big tour in England, opening for The Orb, took place in late 1993.

The artwork for all covers on R&S until the last S.E. release in 1998 was done by Designers Republic, who added an outstanding visual aspect to the music.
Three more studio albums were released, Aaah! (94), Present (96) and Via Nostra (98) and one live ambient-album 30-7-94, recorded that day in a park in Copenhagen.

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The years 1993-98 saw the band touring all over Europe, Japan, US and Chile. After the release of Via Nostra the band took a turn to freeform improvised live music, got more into programming with MAX/MSP and changed their name to S.E.Berlin.

One vinyl release on the shortliving label Bad Orb followed, then Max and Tom decided to end the project.

Seven years of individual projects went by. Then Tom discovered an old CDR at a friend's house on the Canary Island Lanzarote, which Max and Tom had left there in the year 2000. It had a bunch of unreleased tracks on it from that time. Listening back to it came out as a surprise: they still sounded good and fresh, even quite special in the new musical context of 2007.
Worth releasing? Yeah!
Lost and Found came out on Shitkatapult in October 2007.

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Sun Electric