Soul Center

Thomas Brinkmann began his practice in the late 1970s, before completing art school in Dusseldorf. He soon received wide acclaim across the international electronic music scene for his reworkings of tracks by Mike Ink and Richie Hawtin using his two tone-arm modified turntable. 

His career assured, Brinkmann began to release works under a variety of monikers – Ernst, Esther Brinkmann, Soul Centre. Ernst was a collection of Brinkmann’s early more experimental dance music, while, later, Soul Centre saw him apply his uncompromising minimalism to the soul music of years past. 

In 2008, Brinkmann released When Horses Die… on his own Max.Ernst label. Following the deeply complex minimalist dub of 2000’s Klick and 2006’s Klick Revolution, this release is a more personal work that owes much to the minimal electro ballads of Suicide or Nick Cave

In 2009/2010 he released on Curle rec. and he had a solo show in a gallery with his sculptures next to collaboration with other artists and he also did "Klick" live performances more related to art and improv music.
2010 he`s back again with his new Soul Center album on Shitkatapult and he`s also contributing to the upcoming Richie Hawtin project.

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Soul Center
Soul Center
Soul Center